Nic Bryce

Executive Chef and Owner

Chef Nic

Chef Nic Bryce is the executive chef and owner of Rendezvous, established 2011, where he creates foods interesting and accessible.  Nic has enjoyed a long and exciting career as a chef, problem solver, and lover of food.  He  has always been grateful to cook in places where great ingredients are found.  As he leads, Chef Nic manages his staff in a way that fosters their enjoyment in doing their best.   As a business owner, Chef Nic strives to make his neighborhood, town, and region a better place to be.  He prides himself in serving sustainable foods that make sense. In addition, he works his hardest to make your experience with Rendezvous everything you hope for, providing over 20 years of culinary experience in which clients can be confident.  Nic is the also the founder of Grotto Meats, the builder of Rendezvous’ foodtruck (Patty), a supreme pitmaster, and good neighbor.  He enjoys living life with his wife and raising 5 children together in beautiful Bozeman, MT.   Please email for any questions about how he can serve you.      


We are continually grateful to have had a team of such great, hardworking, creative people over the years

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